What We Teach. . .

The main focus of our ministry is helping people understand Jesus' teachings regarding managing the portion of His kingdom in their care. Using Matthew 25 as a starting point, we touch on critical stewardship issues that can have a significant impact in how we manage money.


Most Christians fail to understand where the "real source" of their income comes from, and develop a skewed understanding of how God really wants to use meet their needs. Understanding the "real source" of their paycheck, and how that money is to be used to meet both present and future needs is crucial to long term financial success.


Over 80% of the divorces in the United States are directly related to financial problems in the home. Most families spend more than 85% of their take home pay on debt payments, and are only one paycheck from bankruptcy. Only 5% of those who start their career at age 20 will retire financially "comfortable". Christians need to understand the curse of living in a debt-based lifestyle and what they can do to escape the bondage of debt.


Understanding the role of Biblical giving is a life-changing experience. Some of the most recent statistics tell us that almost 80% of Christians DO NOT give regularly to their local church, and most don't realize the benefits they are missing by failing to incorporate God's giving principles into their lives. By learning how to Give...God's Way, Christians can become God's hand extended and enjoy God's favor and blessing in their personal lives.


God's word outlines a number of key business principles that, if implemented, can make the difference between success and failure. Whether you're an employer or an employee, these principles can help you find favor with God and with man.


Solomon tells us to "Consider the Ant and be wise..." Without having a systematic spending plan for both present and future spending, your money can literally be consumed. By learning how to save money buying groceries, clothes, automobiles, and even a home...you can control the flow of money, rather than it controlling you.


A general understanding of insurance and investing is crucial to prudent financial planning. With wisdom, your money can be put to work for you, helping you achieve your financial goals. You must understand how to use insurance to protect from yourself from financial loss the proper use of investments to achieve both short and long term financial goals.