About the Author. . .

John L. Terry, III CEC is an ordained minister, conference speaker, and financial planner. He is the author of two books “Dollars and Sense” and “Debt to Surplus” and is the president of ExPrSS Securities, Inc., IMGA Financial Group, and First Estate Trust.

Since the early 1980’s John has worked with local churches and Bible colleges to teach God’s people how to manage their financial affairs according to Scripture. His practical teaching style presents powerful truths in an “easy to understand” manner.

John has a degree in Business Managment/Economics & Finance from Arkansas Tech University, is a licensed insurance agent, a NASD registered securities principal, and a licensed mortgage broker. He is also a Certified Estate Counselor, faculty advisor of Jubilee Christian College, and a conference speaker on financial matters.

John’s vision is to see God’s people learn to better manage what He has placed in their keeping so the world can see that the Gospel is practical, even when it comes to money.